Singing in Silence is a historical spiritual thriller that will take you on a journey you'll never forget. Connecting a random series of historical events into a single story that moves from the San Francisco Bay Area to France and spectacularly climaxes in Turkey, this book creates a universe where everything is connected; there are no accidents.

Within this magical universe, we meet the heroines of the story, Stella, a progressive yet self-centered Bay Area menopausal woman, devastated by divorce and her mother’s suicide, and her recently-widowed best friend Maggie. These best friends are mysteriously lured on a soul-changing mission as they become the leaders of a global tribe of women destined to usher in a culture of peace.

Soon the women discover they are pitted in a quantum fight against the powerful GA7, a private military firm that services the Elite forces in the world that use hate to divide and control. GA7 will stop at nothing to stop the women's quest including killing Maggie's husband.

A story of connection, a story of the power of friendship, a story of love.

Excerpts from Singing in Silence


“Stella, there is so much we don’t understand in this universe. You ever get that feeling someone is staring at you? It’s because of morphic resonance and morphic fields. Morphic resonance is the memory in nature that connects all living things, like when birds fly in formation or head south for the winter. It’s how your pet knows you’re coming home. Our morphic fields are merging all the time. We are all connected, Stella,” he had stressed.


“The dolls had been the idea of the French patriotic charity Entraide Fransaise to raise funds for World War II relief. They also wanted to promote French fashion designers and the French fashion industry which had been decimated. He knew they were there, in that basement. Once he had played with them in his youth with the girl while his mother worked across the street with the American pattern maker.”


“Still, she worried. Ever since the vice president had ‘outed’ that CIA Operations Officer, she worried that her husband’s past top secret duties would be exposed, putting their family in the crosshairs. This was a different world now. No loyalty to country, just hard-knuckled politics aimed at the next election and lining one’s own pocket seemed to rule the day. No loyalty to those in service; elected politicians called soldiers ‘privileged belligerent.'”

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Very intriguing book. Anyone going up in the 60s and 70s and beyond will love it

Amazon Customer

Interesting mix of history, religion, and the era of new thinking

Amazon Customer

Reflects the challenges aging women face! One of the best reads in a long time. I love a good story and this one delivers.


Love a good story and this one delivers. It has suspense, humor, grit and determination and then it has the spiritual connection that we all need. We are gathering the women right now!


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