About the Author

KAREN CLARK is a true Renaissance woman with a vast career as an Italian-trained fashion designer, litigation paralegal, carpenter and wood floor mechanic to concert promoter, personal historian, landscape designer and IT/Word Processor at the ad agency that brought you the Pet Rock, just to name a few of her adventures. Like most midlife women who have gone through the “Change,” she now spends her time on artistic activities such as writing and traveling—and yelling at politicians on television.

Singing in Silence is her debut novel. Her next book is NestQuest, her memoir of the twelve years it took to write this historical novel while suffering a brain injury from workplace bullying which led to homelessness at age sixty and her continuing quest to find a home. Her journey led to wanting to know more about the history of her ancestor’s brave quest for a home in America, culminating in driving herself through England, Ireland and Scotland in 2015. That journey revealed Mayflower ancestors, including the pilot of that famous voyage and her ten-times great grandmother who was one of the original Separatists and the aunt of Plymouth Governor William Bradford.

She has learned to Trust the Journey.

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